How to Become a Radio Broadcaster?

What do you think of the first priority if you want to be a radio jock or a radio journalist? I understood – your voice.

It may seem obvious that the voice of the radio man (reading women) is his most important asset. At the National Broadcasting School, my job is to see a lot of graduates who want to train as radio announcers and radio journalists and let me tell you, you’ll be amazed at the number of aspirants who can not get it.

You have a tacky voice and you will find it difficult to reach the score – unless you have the trust of the mountains and the talented talent of Jonathan Ross. On the contrary, have a wonderful voice and the world is your lobster.

Now, let me be clear. I’m not talking about dialects – regional accents are the big pros in most radio stations these days. RP, “speaking the future” officially, is not just a fashion. No – I’m talking about the ability of dance and radio players alike to “sell” stories to listeners by being clear, by speaking on the attractive pitch and quickly accessible.

Now, this is an obvious fact. Radio around the sound! Therefore, the sound is important if it is in the kitchens of listeners and cars day after day. But how much did my radio station colleagues vote? not much.

Perhaps the reason why the radio doctors did not respond is that they do not know how well a good vocal trainer can help breathing, flipping, engaging, coloring, speed, clarity, exercise or warm-up? I admit that I have been ignorant for many years. But let me tell you – at the National Radio School, I woke up to the extent to which good training can improve the sound even in just three months.

Some radio companies had a vision and understanding of organizing voice training for their broadcasters in radio schools or at home. But I rarely hear of people investing in themselves by hiring vocal trainers. After all, it seems to be an essential part of the broadcast toolkit, which is only about £ 30.

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Improving your voice is something, with little investment, achievable. Much less thought radio, being creative, memorable – those natural qualities. So why not focus on the field, with a voice coach, will achieve fairly quick results.

It’s not just rookie broadcasters who need specialized help. For those of us who have been in the radio business for some time, forget how easy it is to slip into bad roads. Such as professional athletes, actors or singers, broadcasters are performers. Very good without exception, coaches help professional athletes, snipers, and smugglers stay at the top of the game. There is a lesson there

The radio is easy to do – but hard to do well. That’s why we all need all the help we can get. If the starting point of the radio is “Voice”, why ignore the vocal trainers? On the go, give it a try! You may be surprised to consider taking radio courses or any radio training.